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Should I Hire an Attorney for a Speeding Ticket

Should I a higher an attorney for a speeding ticket?
This is a question that many drivers who had been pulled over ask.  The short answer is probably yes. Traffic tickets can have a lasting impact for El Paso drivers. With Texas now on the point system you can be faced with surcharges up to $750 on top of the original citation fine.  One needs to consider the possibility of higher insurance rates for your vehicle and for CDL drivers a ticket on your record can have even more far-reaching consequences.

Moving violations occur while the vehicle is in motion and while typically charged as a Class C misdemeanor, these violations can be charged as Class A or B misdemeanors or, in more serious cases, can be charged as a felony. A moving violation will generally involve paying a fine and you will have to deal with the points which are placed on your permanent driving record.


However when you get pulled over you shouldn’t feel like the end of the world. If you hire a traffic ticket attorney in El Paso Texas there are many ways that they can help. They can consult and advise you, negotiate a lesser fine with deferred adjudication or outright get your ticket dismissed.In the state of Texas and attorneys usually have a 90% or higher success rate in getting your ticket dismissed or deferred adjudication with a reduced fine and keeping a ticket off the record. An attorney will negotiate in court for you while often many times the client won’t have to be present in court. An attorney’s relationship with the prosecution and experience of plea-bargaining can be very helpful to you.



Defensive Driving El Paso

Defensive driving El paso or traffic school course. Is a way for you to dismiss an El Paso traffic ticket, meet a court-ordered requirement, reduce points from your driving record, or even earn an insurance discount! You learn all of the essential traffic laws and regulations that pertain to your state Texas and city El Paso, along with essential defensive driving techniques designed to help you prevent hazards before they even occur. Whether you’re voluntarily taking a course to lower your insurance or points, or you’ve been asked by the court or
DMV to attend traffic school, our state approved
defensive driving courses will meet your requirements
without any hassle.

What is a defensive driving El Paso safety course?
A driver’s safety course is a six hour course identifying and promoting safe driving practices. You may be eligible to take this course for the dismissal of your traffic violation if you meet the statutory requirements. Many people elect to take a driver’s safety course for the dismissal of a citation. If the course is completed and accepted by the Court and the case is dismissed, State law prohibits insurance companies from holding the citation against you in determining your auto insurance rates. Many parents of juvenile drivers find the course is beneficial in stressing safe driving practices to teens.

Who is eligible to take a defensive driving El Paso safety course for the dismissal of a violation?
Under State law you are eligible to take a defensive driving safety course for the dismissal of a traffic violation if:
  1. You have not taken the course for the dismissal of a citation within the last (12) twelve months.
  2. You have a valid Texas driver’s license.
  3. You produce proof of financial responsibility in compliance with Texas Transportation Code, 601.053. Although there are other methods, the most common method of proof is an auto insurance liability policy, which conforms to the statue cited above.
  4. CDL licenses are excluded.

Are there some violations for which a defensive driving El Paso safety course may not be taken?
You may NOT take a defensive driving El Paso safety course for the dismissal of the following offenses:

  • Reckless Driving
  • Overtaking a School Bus Loading/Unloading
  • Speeding 25 miles or more over the speed limit.
  • Failure to Exchange Information and Render Aid at the Scene of an Accident
  • Violations in Construction Zones When Workers are Present
  • Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility

What procedure must I follow to sign up for a defensive driving safety course?
You must complete four steps in order to take a defensive driving safety course for the dismissal of a violation:

  1. Secure Court approval, sign plea declaration /deferral order, and pay court costs;
  2. Select, complete and turn in your certificate of the course within 90 days of the court order.
  3. Submit your certificate of completion and proof of financial responsibility within 90 days of the court order.
  4. A driving history from the Department of Public Safety is required.

Where, how and when can I get Court approval?
It is necessary that you secure approval for the defensive driving El Paso safety course before you take the course. You have up until the arraignment date listed on your citation to secure the approval. If you are a juvenile you must appear at your arraignment before the judge.

If you are an adult, you may secure approval one of four ways: in person at any bond office location, by mail, by fax, or in person at the scheduled arraignment hearing before the judge. It is necessary that you pay the required court costs and administrative fee imposed for the driver’s safety course. The amount can be determined by calling 546-2901, or by visiting any bond office to confirm.

    • In Person at a Bond Office:
      • Pebble Hills – 10780 A Pebble Hills
      • Mission Valley – 9011 Escobar
      • Northeast – 9600 Dyer Northeast Municipal Annex
      • Westside – 4801 Osborne

      Appear at the bond office location, complete the required paperwork and pay your court costs/administrative fee.


    • By Mail:
      You may request a defensive driving safety course by completing the back of the yellow copy of your citation where it reads “Driver’s Safety Course”. You may mail the completed ticket to:

      • El Paso Municipal Court
      • 810 E. Overland
      • El Paso, TX 79901

      The Court will mail you the paperwork required and will specify the court costs and fees applicable to your case. These costs are due 10 days from the date of the court’s mailing to you. Court costs are due on all driver’s safety courses and may not be waived by the judge.


    • By Fax: (915) 546-2939
      You may fax your request to take a driver’s safety course to this number. The court will mail you the required paperwork and specify the court costs and fees applicable to your case. These costs are due 10 days from the date of the Court’s mailing to you. Please make sure you have signed the request and included your citation number.


  • At Arraignment:
    If you wish, you may appear at your arraignment before the judge to request the driver’s safety course. Arraignments are held at 9600 Dyer. You must appear on the date and at the time noted on your citation.

Why must juveniles appear before the judge?
State law requires that juveniles and the parent or legal guardian appear before the judge in Court. Juveniles may request a defensive driving safety course from the judge at the arraignment.

How long do I have to take the course and turn in my proof of compliance?
Effective September 1, 2003, in compliance with Code of Criminal Procedure 45.0511, the following will be required within 90 days from the date of the court order for violations occurring after September 1, 2003:

  • Complete Defensive Driving course,
  • Deliver certificate of completion to the Court and proof of financial responsibility and
  • Deliver driving record from the Department of Public Safety.

To obtain a driving record from the Department of Public Safety:

1.) On line, please click on


2.) You may click to print the DPS form and mail in your request:

Please note, this option will require 4 -5 weeks to receive your driving history from DPS.
Submit it along with the required fee to the address shown on the form.
Texas Department of Public Safety

Driver Records Bureau
P.O. Box 149246
Austin, Texas 78714-9246

How will I know if my proof of compliance is accepted?

The certificate of completion and your proof of financial responsibility will be reviewed by the Court. If the judge accepts your documents, your case will be dismissed for the completion of a defensive driving El paso safety course. No notice will be sent to you. The Court will notify you by mail if the paperwork is incomplete or if other problems with the case are found. You will receive instructions on how to proceed in resolving your case. An example is when the standard search of court records reveals that you took another defensive driving course for the dismissal of a ticket within the 12 month period. Payment of the fine in full is required under these circumstances.
What will happen if I fail to comply with the Court order ?
You will be required to appear at a Show Cause Hearing before the judge if:

  • You do not comply with the court order to take a defensive driving El paso safety class,
  • You fail to do so within the required time,
  • Your proof of compliance is incomplete,
  • You are determined to have been ineligible for the course.
You will be notified by mail of the date of your show cause hearing.
What will happen if I do not come to the Show Cause Hearing?
If you fail to appear at the scheduled Show Cause Hearing, an arrest commitment will be issued for you.

Should you fight a traffic ticket El Paso Tx Area

Traffic Ticket Lawyers El Paso. It’s a classic scenario: you’re cruising along at 10 miles over the speed limit in an attempt to keep up with the rest of the cars on the road. You think you are simply going with the flow of traffic, when you suddenly see flashing lights in your rear view mirror.

In an instant, you find yourself holding a $325 speeding ticket from the El Paso Police. The headache of dealing with a traffic ticket doesn’t necessarily go away when you pay the fine. When points go on your driving record and your insurance company finds out, you could be hit with insurance surcharges of up to 30% for the next three years.

The key element here is not to admit anything. You have a right to remain silent but the officer isn’t required to advise you of this right. Do not respond by saying, “Well I think I was doing about 62 when you know you are in a 55 mph speed limit. This is called admission of guilt.

Traffic Ticket Warrant El Paso

Traffic Ticket  Warrant El Paso lifted.  El Paso Municipal Court is renowned for their ability to issue active arrest warrants. Almost immediately after an appearance date or payment has been missed. As soon as the grace period passes. You can bet that a El Paso arrest warrant is soon to follow. Once a warrant has been lifted there are a few ground rules you need to know in order to avoid making a bad situation worse.

Don’t just pay for that ticket to lift a traffic ticket warrant El Paso.

“Just paying” for the El Paso traffic ticket will most definitely lift the warrant. However, what you may not realize is that the by paying the citation. You now have a conviction on your driving record. Get the wrong conviction and you get a license suspension notice from The Department of Public Safety. Get the wrong conviction and you could also end up paying surcharges to the Department of Public Safety to avoid having your license suspended. These surcharges can be as high as $260.00 a year for 3 years. That is a hefty price tag for “just paying” a Traffic Ticket warrant el paso off that went into warrant.

Sitting out your Traffic Ticket Warrant El Paso
While you may get credit for sitting out a warrant (typically 300 dollars a day)  when you get out you will still get reported to DPS. And can owe up 760 dollars in surcharges not to mention a license suspension.  Don’t go down that path.  Hire us to assist you and give you great legal representation.  Give us a call 915-613-3993to get your Traffic ticket Warrant El Paso Lifted.

If you believe you have a traffic ticket warrant El Paso Citation search here
Please note:
Citation Search/On-line Payment – Only records for OPEN cases are available through this web site. To request information on closed cases, you must fill out a records request form.

Traffic Ticket Warrant El Paso issued within 7 – 10 business days may not have been entered into the Court’s database system, please check again or call to confirm. Archived information and citations issued to defendants while they were juveniles (16 years old and under at the time of citation) will not be displayed on this site.

Please complete as much of the citation selection information below as possible. If searching by citation number, do NOT include dashes. If searching by name, then date of birth is required. When you are finished, click Search to build the citation search results.

Important Information for Traffic Ticket Warrant El Paso

  • When searching by driver’s license number or license plate number, please enter the 2 character state code in front of the numbers (i.e. TX-123456).
  • It is recommended that searches be conducted on name and date of birth. The driver’s license number or plate number may not have been entered as part of the citation information.
  • Driving history for tickets issued by EPPD or City inspectors must be requested at one of the Court’s bond offices. The charge is $ 5.00 – no checks accepted. Processing will take 7 – 10 business days to complete.
  • You should always confirm the information on this web-site. See below for important phone numbers

Traffic ticket warrant El Paso recall:

To recall an arrest warrant it is necessary for you to pay the fine/fines in full or to post bond in the amount of the bond schedule. If you would like to contest your case after posting bond, please make sure to submit a written request for a court date along with your bond payment or, if you are paying in person, make sure to complete the form given to you by the cashiers. If you do not request a court date, the court will accept your payment as the fine. Once a warrant has been issued and paid in full, a $ 50.00 warrant fee will be added to your fine upon conviction. A notice informing you of the additional fee and conviction will be mailed to you.

If your ticket does not display, please note the following:

Verify Your Entry.

  • Ticket numbers are eight (8) characters long.
  • Check your ticket number. The officer needs sufficient time (typically 2 weeks) to file the ticket with the Courts.

A ticket may not be paid online if any of the following apply:

  • Were you considered a juvenile when you received your ticket?
  • Has your ticket been disposed (paid, dismissal, time served in jail, etc.)?
  • Did you apply for the driving safety course via mail?
  • Is the person incarcerated?
  • Is this a partial payment?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you cannot pay your ticket online