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Should you fight a traffic ticket El Paso Tx Area

  • February 19, 2014
  • Robert Navar
  • Comments Off on Should you fight a traffic ticket El Paso Tx Area

Traffic Ticket Lawyers El Paso. It’s a classic scenario: you’re cruising along at 10 miles over the speed limit in an attempt to keep up with the rest of the cars on the road. You think you are simply going with the flow of traffic, when you suddenly see flashing lights in your rear view mirror.

In an instant, you find yourself holding a $325 speeding ticket from the El Paso Police. The headache of dealing with a traffic ticket doesn’t necessarily go away when you pay the fine. When points go on your driving record and your insurance company finds out, you could be hit with insurance surcharges of up to 30% for the next three years.

The key element here is not to admit anything. You have a right to remain silent but the officer isn’t required to advise you of this right. Do not respond by saying, “Well I think I was doing about 62 when you know you are in a 55 mph speed limit. This is called admission of guilt.

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