Terms and Conditions

1.a CLIENT hereby employs the Law office of Robert Navar, hereinafter known as ATTORNEY, to represent him/her for the Class “C” citations identified above. In consideration of such representation, I agree to pay to ATTORNEY a non‐refundable agreed upon fee per violation plus any additional fees which may arise during representation. CLIENT understands and agrees that the above fee DOES NOT include a trial. CLIENT understands that this contract is limited to the offenses of which CLIENT has paid for.

1.b CLIENT authorizes ATTORNEY, or Associated Counsel,to sign CLIENT’s name to any documents necessary in the course of representation. CLIENT authorizes ATTORNEY, or Associated Counsel, to enter a plea for CLIENT’s case(s) if CLIENT is not present in court.

1.c CLIENT agrees to pay any fines, court costs, and expenses which may be assessed or charged in the above case(s). CLIENT understands if any fines or court costs assessed in the above case(s) are not paid by CLIENT, a warrant will be issued for CLIENT’s arrest.

1.d CLIENT understands the following: A conviction or Deferred Disposition may have immigration consequences.

1.e CLIENT waives his/her right to a trial and requests ATTORNEY to obtain the best plea bargain agreement s/he can obtain on CLIENT’s above case(s). CLIENT agrees to pay the fee(s), or charge(s), assessed within the time allowed. CLIENT understands CLIENT may be required to be present in court or risk convictions on CLIENT’S record.

1.f CLIENT agrees to deliver to ATTORNEY any proof (e.g. current insurance and insurance at the time of offense, inspection, registration) or other evidence, to aid in the management of CLIENT’s case, within 24 hours of signing this contract. Failure to comply may result in a plea bargain agreement, wherein CLIENT may be found guilty or granted deferred disposition, and a fine assessed.

2. The services for which I am hiring the attorney are as follows:

Entry of appearance and/ or motions to withdraw warrants on my behalf.
Waivers of pretrial and jury trial.
Appearance at all required court hearings.
Notification of the final outcome of my citation(s).
2.b I understand that although the attorney will try to get the citation dismissed, she can only guarantee her efforts and CANNOT guarantee the outcome of any particular case.

2.c I understand that if I have hired the attorney to assist me in withdrawing warrants, there is no guarantee that the warrants will be removed or that it may only be possible to remove the warrants with a payment plan.

2.d I understand that the attorney DOES NOT guarantee dismissal of my citation(s).

2.e I understand that my representation by the attorney ends after the final hearing of my citation and does not include any show cause hearings, special hearings, or presentation of documentation.

2.f I understand that the court may decide to grant me defensive driving or require further evidence to be provided. If this is the case, I understand that it is my responsibility to provide such documentation or other such proof to the court by the required dates.

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